Reverse Guilty Plea

Reverse Guilty Plea is a story about an unusual family feud based on petty differences which led to the wrongful incarceration of one of its own causing turmoil behind the curtains of the Wilson family home. The protagonists Charles tried to do the right thing, but his intentions did not serve him well. On the other hand, the villain, his younger/only sister Aubrey,  got away with grand theft, and became the sole beneficiary of the family estate.

Rising crime rates have led to a lack of efficiency in the U.S. judicial system which endangers its proper functioning. The flawed system is a problem for ordinary Americans because, like Charles, they or their love ones can inevitably become victims of it. As Charles learned, public defenders often encourage defendants to plead guilty, but I suggest fighting to clear one’s record because a criminal record can limit one’s ability to earn a living wage, or worse – disenfranchise them.

I strongly recommend ex-cons write their political representatives even if they can’t vote they have a voice. Use it. It’s more powerful than you can imagine.”

By William Trest, Jr.

Reverse Guilty Plea is Mr. Trest’s first novella. It was published in 2013.   .99 cent eBook download Book Release Party Video footage November 25, 2013 – Trest reading excerpts of “Reverse Guilty Plea.”

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