The New Populist Party

The New Populist Party, a novella, by William Trest Jr. introduces a third political party which shakes up modern-day politics in 2020 with the unprecedented election of a gorgeous, intellectual former news reporter turned political consultant named, Susan Crosby Wilson. Her historical presidential bid renders her new and third husband, Charles Wilson, the first man of the first female USA president and popularity around the world.

When the story unfolds, Charles Wilson, an ex-convict, has seized enough political will to get the Governor of Mississippi to restore his voting rights and becomes the spokesman of The New Populist Party. Wilson’s fiery rhetoric generates local buzz including the interest of Susan Crosby. He draws strength as a political historian and as a descendant of one of the small Mississippi farmers who founded the Populist Party in the 1890s. Despite his past, Charles is honest and pious, but quite gullible to matters of the heart.

Susan Crosby’s character evolves from the victim of both physical and verbal abuse by her first two husbands into an ambitious woman who reinvented herself into a powerful politician. Steve Jackson, a Floridian, who founded The New Populist Party, became Susan Wilson’s running mate. The candidates draw upon the resources of party loyalists and new enthusiasts and capture the hearts of voters. Some characters like Henry Evans and Betsy Ross – jump off the pages. Readers should relate to the flaws in American politics. In the end, Susan Crosby Wilson’s presidency moves politics to the center.

By Meredith Coleman McGee, Publisher/Acquisition Editor
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12 thoughts on “The New Populist Party

  1. Author William Trest says;

    The New Populist Party is for closing tax loopholes for wealthy corporations and reinvesting the revenue in repairing the infrastructure, improving education, funding Social Security and Medicare, and in more advanced and modern equipment for the military. It calls for the largest tax cuts in history for middle class businesses and individuals. Restoring the middle class to the prominent position it held in the 1970’s is a major goal of this book.


  2. This book is packed with historical information about politics past and present. It is interesting how the author compared the Populist Movement of the 1890s when small farmers who put politicians in their pockets to present-day politics. But, I like the fact that in this story a woman becomes Commander-in-Chief. At first I thought the main character Charles was marrying up. From the onsite, Susan had more material possessions than Charles, but in reality, she married up. The fact that she became the leader of the free world was the biggest turn of events in the book. This was a great story. This book is a quick read but it has a lot of substance. I see why colleges are picking it up.

    Carol B.

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  3. Larry Faust says;

    Susan Crosby Wilson and Charles Wilson make for an interesting and unlikely couple. At the beginning of the book, Susan is a wealthy journalist, turned news reporter. Charles is an ex-con who has been pardoned by the Governor of Mississippi. Susan and Charles get to the White House in 2021 against all odds. A must read.

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  4. The cover caught my attention. That red shoe peaked my curiosity. But, the introduction and Chapter One which was available on the blog
    – nailed it. I was all in after that. The main characters put their feet to the fire and created a third party. The issues were relevant. The dream team won the hearts of the people, had battle scars, yet they succeeded. The drama was not predictable. Loved it. Great story!

    Queen B


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